Nightfall we're brushing past your town
Destination not you my one
The driver doesn't know way down
How deep these bright-eyed feelings run

I've no intention of confessing today
I need to make distance a while
But miles don't make your image fade
They don't erase this secret smile

Everything reminds me
Wet grey gold-lit streets
Shop displays near-lovers meet
I feel the grasp of your hand still

This your face now in the glass
Breathing whisper what is this
Bent so close we nearly kiss
Although we never will

Strange that there's no hurtful need
Used to be my only sign
On my mind would make me bleed
Why is it that I'm feeling fine

Why is it this warmth within
No candlelight that causes burn
Memories of you begin
Well welcome friends
Glad you've returned

Everything reminds me
Music surging bedroom dance
Crazy spinning sultry glance
I inhale your presence still

These your arms of daring grace
Encircle me, what pact is made
Desire is your masquerade
Want me you never will

You gave me truth
I chose illusion
Now we are used to this confusion

But I know
Yes I know
This story has to end

Never groped for a connection
Never hoped for more affection

For I know
I know I am your friend
Only your friend..

all the lyric above is from a song
Unwritten Letter #1 - Vienna Teng
sorry for the low quality, I rip the song from a youtube clip ^^

Just finished watching eps 07 of Shuffle memories last night, this is what you'll get when you just copying anime eps from ur friend and not download them by yourself, especially if your fave title isn't one of the downloader fave/priority >_>
The anime is not as frenzy as what I expect. Maybe because I've already seen almost all of the scene in the series, or maybe because the studio didn't make it into one "Fuyou Kaede one hour special" for each part, lol. There was quite a number of scene that was cut off. They don't show what the "meal" Kaede is cooking xD

The only awesome thing is that the fansub styling the font color in the "shinjya e ba iinda!!" scene. The font color changing into black with red outline!! Its my fave combination color!! (see the tabikarasu text in the image in this blog). Waooo I'm giving applause and screaming "holy shit, awesome!!" when I watched that scene xD

Overall, eps 02 and 07 is still the best, far better than another memories episode (note: a very very subjective opinion). I don't know if there will be a thrid part or whether Kaede will get a happy end, tough I prefer not, because some character are more treasured and preciously adored because of her bittersweet arc ^_^

the sweetest smile *melts*

new looks. now everyone can cosplay as Kaede XD