Err, benernya mau nulis tentang THE iDOLM@STER yang aku mainkan beberapa hari yang lalu, tapi nanti sajalah ^^

I've played Higurashi no Naku Koro ni for PS2, the sprite and visualization is not quite what I expected (its still look like a doujin game, waooo >_>) and Rena-chan is not getting any moe enhancement (well, maybe except that she is now voiced). The CG is cool tough.

However, I have no objection for the op movie, it was awesome! full with angsty-ness and morbid eye-candy. Also, the op song, it rockzzz!! Nageki no Mori (The Forest of Lamentation) is sung by Ayane. The song fits Higurashi atmosphere perfectly with haunting melody and retaliate-provoking beat. I played this song over and over and still haven't got bored listening to it. Try to listen to it as you work or do something that need effort. Its like the song empowered you with somekind like evil energy XD ahahahahahahahahaha.

You can download it here if you're interest.