"I love you still even now, but even if we send each other 1000 mails, it doesn't seem to bring our hearts closer by even 1 centimeter...."
(dari sebuah mail yang dikirim Akari di sebuah adegan dalam clip)



The clip of 5cm/s main theme song "one more time one more chance is out"
I don't know, I lost my word after seeing the PV T^T

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screenshoot dari bagian pertama 5cm/s

"One More Time, One More Chance" adalah lagu tema untuk "Byousoku 5 cm" yang dinyanyikan oleh Yamazaki Masayoshi. It is a sad song, really. Totally depressive in my opinion. It didn't have any "Its all right, I'm okay I think God can explain" sense like "Hajimari no Hito" (the ed song from anime "Bartender") or an "I will survive live" message or "let's move on" spirit like Kumo no Mukou's theme song "Kimi no Koe" or Yuki Kajiura's "Sweet Song" for Xenosaga. Rather, this song is like a helpless lament, a hopeless feeling about "unobtainable true love" a wish that only came true if a miracle happen. Approaching the last part, the songs getting more and more powerful and emotional, the lyrics and melody are repeated over and over, just like a prayer. If you're insane enough, you could cut and edit the song into a loopable one, turning it into a sound of endless wail of sorrow xD

You can watch the PV via YouTube OR if you have direct VOBsub installed, you can try download my sbutitle file that I made, no karaoke effect tough.

click here for the .srt subtitle file
click here for the .ass subtitle file

If you already have the pv or the song, or just curious about the lyrics, here you go

Sorry for no translation, I feel like having critical mental attack just from romanizing the kanji. If I have to translate it to Indonesian languange, I'll probably go catatonic, lol. Ok, maybe I'm just too lazy ^^