Man, it was frenzy! From the first eps I know that this anime is just like what I need, Red Garden does fit my taste. Semakin lama perkembangan ceritanya semakin kereen. Nggak nyesel aku ngikutin anime ini XDXD

Prelude to battle always begin with some sweet talks

The battle scene now is getting hardcore!! dan ini bukan tipikal Bleach atau Naruto yang aku omongkan. The fight is real. Its not a "jutsu-jutsuan" contest nor a show where each character perform a flashy move while the other perform a flashier one. Its a close combat with physical contact, enhanced by an ability to leap and jump higher than normal person can do (a little bit like "X 1999" style only without supranatural technique).

Leap before you think (quote from Okami ^^)

always battle in higher ground cos it will look cool

And the characters, its not a superhore, uh, hero, or a good guy versus bad guy. Its a clash between two family, where one of the family run a school to back them up. Imagine your typical sensei-tachi or the members of student council (even te headmaster!) leaps up and kick some ass. The fight is getting intense to the point that someone from one of the family died.

Select your character

Give 'em hell, sensei!

I have ABSOLUTELY ZERO tought of what will the story becomes, who else gonna die in this battle royale, what is the rumoured book they're talked about, which side is right and whose side is wrong, etc. Red Garden is still filled with unsolved puzzle. The kind of anime that makes me wants to watch it more and more.

Don'r try this at home, try this at outside of your home

Satu-satunya element yang (dulu) sempat bikin aku agak "er... okay" pas nonton anime ini adalah ide gonzo untuk memasukkan insert song dengan disajikan ala operet, dimana setiap karakter akan bernyanyi di tengah-tengah episode (termasuk yang cowok juga!). Entah kenapa aku merasa konsep yang satu itu nggak masuk dengan animenya. Tiap kali nonton, setiap ada karakter yang buka mulut seperti mau menyanyi aku langsung "oh no, jangan nyanyian itu lagi. please don't sing. nooo...." XDXD

if you do the combos right, do the final move dramatically

Untunglah acara nyanyi-nyanyian yang salah tempat itu sekarang udah ngak ada lagi. Red Garden is fantastic, the character is good, the plot is awesome, the fights is fantastic, plus there's a lot of scream and yell in this show xD. Also, both the ending and opening song never fails to impress me. Heck, maybe GONZO should hire Evanescence to fill an insert song. Waooo~