Since my friend lend me his digicam yesterday (battery not included tough >_> ) I decided to exhibit (some of) my pepakura. Enjoy and behold the power of my cheesy room, lol.
warning: satu gambarnya sekitar 600kb ^^

This, my friends, is the bridge deck of my room, lol. Actually, its just because the persocon is there ^^ Not very hi-tech, yes? XD Standing cutely beside the monitor is my private assistant, Minamori Ichiyo (Chiyo), lol. Uh, no, actually, she's my first papercraft. She maybe not well done created, but I'm not like Rozen who feel unsatisfied with his first work that he eventually threw it away (read: Suigintou). Haha. Btw Chiyo's template has been edited by myself so that her looks becomes more, uh, tsundere >_>

Above the monitor is Zenith from Front Mission. He's badly wounded tough. Batle scars and spider's web, ahaha ^^;;; standing under him is Kadaj figurine from FFVII: AC. Bougth him at Kiko's event some month ago. Actually the one who makes battle scars is Kadaj, lol. Zenith is more than tenth times bigger than him, but Kadaj defeat him anyway. Kadaj is powerful coz he's emo, and cloud suckz hahaha. Duh, kok jadi bahasa Inggris terus yah? masih kepengaruh postingan di bawah kayaknya.

Yang lainnya figurine, cheap one, but I like them all. Rei and Asuka from NGE, Kinomoto Sakura and (lupa namanya ^^;) dari Oujo majou Doremi. Another Sakura is sitting above the speaker (the pink nekomimi-ed one, cute >_>). Sakura yang di box is out of the question btw.

The headhone is for cosplaying as the hero from Persona 3, lol. Love the design. Printer is for printing pepakura and DVD cover. That's all. Ada yang tahu dari anime mana wallpaperku? ^^ It's from 5cm/s. Keren? Thank you XD

Am I a KyoAni fanboy? yup. Need a proof that I'm a kagikko (Key fans) and love Misuzu so much? hahaha. Thanks to AdvanceMagz for giving so many AIR pinup, lol. Too bad their Suzumiya Haruhi poster is not my taste, so I pick the Animonster one. Kalo ada yg punya poster Misuzu or Suzumiya lagi aku akan menerima dengan senang hati XD

This, is probably what you want to see. At least if you're expecting something that related with the post's title ^^

Up in the highest place is the strongest servant in FSN. Aku cuma bikin ini coz temenku yg ngefans FSN blom punya resinnya sader, sorry, saber. lol. well, setidaknya aku punya pepakuranya, haha. Masih nyari yang Rin benernya >_> Behind her is the kitsune kamen (you'll get to see it later).

Di bawahnya, she is the result from my experiment of editing the template >_> Awalnya dulu seragamnya hitam-hitam, tapi karena pernah kena air and luntur, akhirnya dibikin baju baru lagi, putih. Rambutnya juga, aslinya cuma ponytail. And, as you might have been tought, aslinya pepakuranya tidak gothic sama sekali. I gave her a scythe (lagi nggak kupasang). And double colored eyes (blue and green ^^) Btw, her name's Azuri.

See the nekomimi one? That's my "Shinku". Father's beloved Rozen Maiden, lol. I forget her real name tough ^^; lumayan susah bikinnya (at least for me), dengan pose, pakaian dan presisi bentuk tubuhnya yang lumayan nggak biasa. But its worth the effort. I gave her a "jigoku shoujo covenant tattoo" on her chest. Btw, my mom happenned to see this pepakura when she visited me, lol.

Yg di dalam box DVD itu si Kuyou dari Yumeria. Dulu Neneko juga pernah aku bikin, tapi dibawa ma adikku, sekarang di Semarang T^T I gave Kuyou Rena-chan's legendary machette XDXD Now she can have a duel with the white bunny from Seal Online (you'll see him later on the next pict)

Yang putih biru itu my latest work, Autoclair. I'm proud of this daughter of mine XD She's been modiffied a lot. I gave her 3 new booster pack (too bad I forgot to take a picture of her from behind >_>), and her left arm is now armored with a long lance (made from combining her helm and her "tail" part) I also add a blue visor for her eye and yellow mica for her shoulder part. Heck, I even edit her long pink hair into blue twintails XD

Is the samurai real? well, as tiny as it look, but yes, it could make you bleed, lol. So stay away from me when I'm on oyashiro mode, lol. One stroke on the right spot and I'll become the second Kotonoha, nihaha. Have I ever use it? hm.. kinsoku jikou desu XD

Here you can get a look to the seal bunny I'm talking about... and my anime collection. I only back up what I watch, and only watch what I like, jadi ya.. cuma segitu ^^ Too bad it's not a full team, DVD [Maria-sama ga miteru + strawberry panic] and [Zero no tsukaima + Ouran Host Club] masih dipinjem dan belum dibalikin (gaoo.. >_>) Cover DVD game Okaminya juga masih belum aku ganti dengan yang "original" lol, sekarang sih udah, tapi kameranya dah dibalikin XD You can see Azuri's weapon, the scythe, near her shoes. And gantungan kunci di flashdiscku itu Tohsaka Rin btw.

The kitsune kamen. Thanks to Okami now I can wear the cooler one, not just the bigger version from (original) Azuri's kitsune mask.
Oh, and that glasses is not mine >_> itu punya temenku yang ketinggalan ^^;

Zoom-in to Autoclair, now you can see the detil of her visor. Isn't she hot? lol

Still reading so far? thank you. As a bonus you get to look at my fave cover of Kyoshirou DVD, lol. Jangan tanya aku kenapa jadinya bisa begitu, aku cuma mengedit dari scan2an Newtype, hasilnya? Kyoshiro yang sok keren dengan biolanya dan Kuu yang.. aww XD tapi nyambung lah dengan aura animenya yang sok fairytale gitu dee... XDXD

That's all, pepakura lainnya yang kecil2 nggak kufoto. Kesimpulannya: 5 dari 7 bishoujo pepakura buatanku entah kenapa rambutnya twintails semua >_>