and yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm a lot to handle, if you don't know trouble,
I'm a hell of a scandal,
I'm a scene,
I'm a drama queen,
I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen!
(Avril Lavigne - Best Damn Thing)

Yea, nothing is ever easy when you're with Suzumiya Haruhi
She splits into million, each for one alternative universe
One of them began to realize her godly power and planning something bizarre
After killing Kyon in her universe, she now moves onto the next Kyon.
Now, KyonXDarkHaruhi
an awesome fic of Suzumiya with a touch of Higurashi stylezzz
read here if you're a haruhiist

ps: Avril's new album rockz XD I rip my friend's original CD >_>
too bad the f--- word are censored ^^;
I can imagine a suzumiya AMV using every song in that album, lol
Oh, and there's a song suited to Kaede too
the one with lyric:
..And now you're somewhere out there with a bitch slut psycho babe
I hate you why are guys so lame
Everything I gave you I want everything back but you!!
*imagine kaede singing with her new rebel-look red fraction Rena style and flying cutterboxes* XD~ lol