tada hitori mayoikomu tabi no naka de
dalam perjalanan seorang diri ini, aku telah kehilangan tujuan

kokoro dake samayotte tachitsukushita
tubuhku berdiri tegap namun hatiku mengembara tanpa arah

demo ima wa tooku made arukidaseru
tapi sekarang aku mulai berjalan menuju ke satu tempat yang jauh

sou kimi to kono michi de deatte kara
sesuatu yang telah kuputuskan sejak aku bertemu denganmu di jalan ini

tabibito tachiau utau mishiranu no utau

para pengelana menyanyikan sebuah lagu yang belum pernah kudengar

natsukushiku kikoetekuruyo tada kimi to iru to

yang membekas di hati ini saat aku mendengarnya denganmu

yume mita sekai ga dokokani aru nara
dunia yang pernah kulihat dalam mimpiku, adakah di luar sana

sagashi ni yukou ka kaze no mukou e

akan kucari meski harus menembus ke balik angin

itetsuku yoake no, kawaita mahiru no, furueru yamiyo no

melewati pagi yang dingin, siang yang terik dan malam yang beku

hate wo mi ni yukou

sampai ke ujung (dunia) pun aku 'kan terus berjalan

Tabi no Tochuu
opening song Okami to Koushinryou

This is not a screencap! I repeat, this is not a screencap!
I've spent my almost 30 minutes of my life to edit this serene heavenly scene XD


Okay, brothers and sisters, seems like I have to take back what I said about this anime. Yes, eps 1 is quite suck. Yes, eps 2 is just a little above the average, but eps 3 is getting deadly and eps 4 is purrrr twenty four Karat gold. Congratz, Horo-sama, film anda sekarang menembus ranking pertama, menggeser zoku zetsubou dan clannad, persona TS serta Kimikiss di weekly tabikarasu anime chart minggu ini, lol.

yes the anime is very yummy~!

There are some points I'd love to write. The anime of course has a few minus point that I kinda dislike but first, let me scream my frantic euphoric yell first XDXDXD



Chemistry adalah point TERKUAT yang memaksaku mengakui daya tarik cerita anime ini. Para /a/nons di 4chan boleh berdebat tentang interest mereka pada konsep time travelling yang membuat mereka mengikuti Suzumiya Haruhi series, but I became addicted with SHnY simply because of Haruhi and her hot fluff with Kyon (long live fanboyism! lol) Di serial serigala dan bumbu ini, LawrenceXHoro somehow rings the same bell for me.


First, I love Horo's character, she has something DIFFERENT on her. It doesn't have to be a god, actually, to be someone unique. And second, she, of course, has a pride. Then what about Lawrence? He is a human, that's for sure. He said, "I'm just an ordinary merchant like what you would find in anywhere". Right? WROONG! XD Adakah yang sadar kalo Lawrence sudah bertahun-tahun terjun di dunia trading? The "art" of trading is tricky and requires a great deal of "survival" skill (the big family of mine is into this bussiness so I knew one or two basic things regarding trading-sphere) All that I want to say is that someone who can survive in becoming merchant for years is NOT AN ORDINARY HUMAN BEING.

Oh noez, I start blabbering in English again, lol.

A Useful Companion

Traveling alone is boring. No, maybe its not just travelling. Doing something by yourself is boring. Indeed a companion will makes your life journey becomes more fun and interesting. But of course it depends on your companion too. A bad companion will make your journey worse. A good companion is worth to keep, but A USEFUL companion is like heaven-sent. Now, I'm talking about Horo as companion. What is this beautiful wolfie eared little miss' true power? her divine existence as a god? I don't think so. Even she herself has declared about her as an abandoned god. Her ear that can judge a true/false information? I don't think so either, since she herself said that those ability is not one hundred percent accurate. Her wisdom? yes.


Horo is smart, no, it's not the smart kind of thing that you get from a formal education. Its is the intuitive and skill that you have learned for years (or in her case, in hundreds years). she knows how to deal with people. She can sense of what will happen next by examining the nature of people and her surroundings. She is like a wise man PLUS moe factor. A pure total win combo!!



Now we're getting deep into the chemistry (and my prattle getting more outta control, lol). What so interesting about this pair is that how they uniquely becomes each other's complement. Lets take a look at the background character first. Rather than saying that Horo is an ex-god, I'd say that she used to be an important person, but grew tired of it (she said about the people who doesn't respect her anymore but from what she said on episode 4, I dare say that loneliness is the real sickness) and finally wanted to "go home". Lawrence, as I said earlier, is a merchant who, at first, treats Horo as a reliable partner and advisor, but, as the journey moves on, grew an emotional attachment on her. And then things gets more interesting. We know that they came from different world and background but then chemistry kicks in, and *bam!* everything flows naturally just like water in a river.


It is very interesting to see how Horo can judge people character so quickly but doesn't know about trivial things (like, why does people choose to walk rather than riding horse after the rain?). The "trading my wisdom for the ease of loneliness" is the great punchline so far. I think this is a great example of symbiosis mutualism between a human and a wolf XDXD

tsuntsuntsun.. rejoyce, tsundere fans here we have yet another godly tsundere XD

And one more dorama fanboy theory; I think Horo didn't realize about this (yet) but as a person who often travels alone I get a feeling that Lawrence is trading "his security" with "letting off his true face". In a world where you have to meet a new person and making commu with them, where your friend today might become your enemy tomorrow, you are forced to stay alert since letting your guard down can be fatal. But not only that, to each commu you make, you might have to change your persona to meet the condition for the commu to exist (I think you may become confused with what I said now but whatever heh heh heh XDXDXD)

I guess being a god doesnt' stop a girl from complaining about her ex, heh

Anyway before I get moar and moar drunk I'm going to write that LawrenceXHoro is supercool, each time Lawrence took off his serious side due to the wolfie's stupid but amusing manner I said "holy God, you're a fuckin' lucky person, mister. Better treasured her before the journey's end, you know?"

I'm speechles.. I've watched this scene before on the preview but still, when I see this, oh shi--
how could you be so cruel, Horo? How could yooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu??

Oh by the way about the trading things, personally I love the concept of trade. It sucks but I have to admit that money rules in this world. But trading is different, it's not about money but rather about manipulating between the need, the substitute and the complemental. Thats why the whole point of "exchanging wisdom" "comfort trade" and such is very interesting to watch for me ^__^

I think its enough with the serious talk, lol. Nao lets get back to ecchi~!! XDXD

Lawrence: actually, wolfie tail turns me on XDXDXD (you get the joke, do you?)

Good Ecchi


No moar nacked Horo? WROONG! XD
tapi yang bikin saya bingung adalah kenapa Lawrence yang biasa-biasa aja kalo liat Horo nude dari depan tiba-tiba bisa blushing embarrassingly pas liat Horo dari belakang, lol. Yappari, you like to do it from behind, huh, Lawrence, Sir? XDXD

She said; "I shall speaks exceptionally"

zomg! she's blushing'! as her fanboy I shall scream kyaaa~~~

OK, pertama kali saya denger suaranya Horo, I feel a bit dissappointed. I think I don't click with the seiyuu's vocal type. It sounds weird in my ear >_> And for a tsundere her voice still lack some strengh eventough her voice when teasing is hawt enough. Itu, dan gaya bicaranya yang nggak biasa ("wacchi wa Horo ya".. or something like that) I got "huh? what kind of dialect was that?" lol, but like any other thing in my life, the weird things becomes interesting and the interesting things becomes fun XD Nao I loev her voice very much X3


Ngomong-ngomong soal Horo, I finally understand her weakness now. It seems that she can get easily fluttered by praise, lol. There are some things that I still don't understand, though. First, she is a god of wheat but why does she got addicted with apple? and two, cats and dogs likes to get stroked on their ear but... they don't make those shippo, kimochii~~~~*heart* expression when I stroke their tail, lol.

edit: apparently, I forgot that those kind of things didn't exist in the kanon, it seems that I read too many of her doujin lately XD

Conclusion so far..

Like an old saying, "There is an end for every journey". As much as my love of watching a journey and the memories it makes, or how a tale is being born, I love watching how a journey end. When the traveller finally can rest not for just a moment, be it in happy or in sadness. Watching a conclusion, the fuits of their sore feet (I love AIR for this reason!!!). And knowing that the novel of Spice and Wolf has not yet ended is somewhat put me an uneasy feeling. The journey is still long and far from the finish line. Which makes me think that the anime's ending will not be a final statement (and its too early to scream season two ^^;) How I love to see Horo returns home (or becomes Lawrence's bride?)


I think a conclusion is a must since the story atmosphere has more mature feel than the "let's starts out a new journey again ending" ala shounen show. Oh well, I think for now lets just enjoy the ride and listen to the tale of this two unique person. Afterall you never know what you got till its gone, right?