note: I promised that this post is more hilarious than the reading straight shota doujinshi I've wrote before.

So, it goes like this. Few days ago, ketika saya lagi ngenet dan sedang memakai salah satu search engine favorit saya untuk menghunt barang-barang, ada satu link yang secara literal relevant namun secara content lebih dari 80% kemungkinan sepertinya tidak. Tapi karena speed emang lagi cepet dan saya masih harus menjawab beberapa email jadi akhirnya saya download itu link, copy ke flashdisc untuk dianalisa lebih lanjut setibanya di rumah, atau lebih tepatnya, kamar.

Mohon maaf, dikarenakan kebijaksanaan redaksi, kami tidak bisa memasang screenshot file tersebut di sini, tapi kurang lebihnya seperti gambar di atas. Harap maklum dan terima kasih.

Dan memang file tersebut setelah diextract ternyata isinya persis seperti yang saya mau, er maksud saya, saya duga. Like I said I never give a damn for AV idol like Miyabi and the likes, or with Faith Stay Knight Hahiru and the bla and the bla. But what I get few days ago is different because its unsencored!!111 because the girl is awesomely cute and it looks like the vid is handmade. Heh heh heh.

Fast forward to yesterday, like usual I was working at Nikkou, and because some costumer demand, whenever Shippuden came out, I had to download and display it for their satisfaction (can you believe that I'm dl ing naruto? XDD) Also, since my usb flashdisc is so big and hard nao, I can convert some clip and take a test play at Nikkou. The vids will then compiled into CD and thats how I can still listening to harehare yukai while working, awesome, isn't it? problem is that I FORGET TO MOVE that ero clip from my flashdisc to my pc. And so, well, you know what happened right? the clip was in mpg format actually and the player USUALLY only can read .avi but HOLY COW it can play the clip so well too.

fortunately, this incident happen when Nikkou is almost closed so only me and my friends who works there who experience it. and fortunately again, my friend reflexly said when see the clip, "oi, what's dat?" so I, who DIDN'T LOOK AT THE TV at that time, quickly turn my head and OHH SHI----------------------------- and quickly dashed to the front and pulled the usb with the speed of light (thanks got my flashdisc is still ok till today). Everyone lol'd hard at that time and I promise to my self that I will never extract AV directly to my usb againnn.

Well it will be a different story if what i got in my usb are Sora no Iro or Onee-chan to Shiyou coz I'm proud of my eroanime collection but.. why does it happen when I bring AV +_+ gao..