Okay, as I promised (?) earlier, this will be a special, extraordinary last post of the year that will accompany you spending your final moment of this year, assumed that you didn't get a date for the new year's party (like me) and decide to spend your time in front of the monitor.

As you have probably deduced from the post title, yes, its about the yearly animu award that everyone loves (well, at least you love your own award, deshou?) However, this year, I decided to make a little change. I guaranteed that this new format is hundred times better than watching animu reading mango playing games or enjoying eroero.


Anyway. without further ado, monii-taa no mae no minna-sama, please enjoy my useless, time-wasting selfish post the result of my creative energy outburst.

note: because I'm too lazy to do screencapping I focus on the writing, there will be no picture ahead. YES, you heard it right, its a wall of text post.

Ok, because maybe that will be too much for you (we're a visual oriented generation afterall, deshou?) I'll put this so this post won't be pictless.


and it looks like the hide full post command is not functioned properly, so you have to bear with this long post on the main page m(_ _)m

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note: *entering english-engrish-japanese mode* now
note 2: this is a fanfiction. any character.. and the bla and the bla dst, see the typical disclaimer at fanfiction.net
note 3: however, the award itself is not a fiction.



audience: *clapping hand*

spotlight moved to the stage, but nothing happenned.

5 seconds, ...10... half a minute, but still nobody there.

narrator: "itoshiki... nozomu...?"

nothing happenned, the audience start to become unease... SUDDENLY, one of the audience pointing his finger above

audience (fake, of course, it's a show bussiness afterall): "look! above!!"
audience: "its a bird"
audience (another): "no, its a plane"
audience (another): no, its..  "

Itoshiki Nozomu come from the roof of the stage using a rope, err, with a rope encircling his head to be precise. (omg this concept is so awsoem! I have write a breakthrough performance idea!!)

audience (all of them): "ZETSUBOU SENSEI DA!!"

Kuusou Rumba is played accompanying our sensei descend from "above"rumba rumba rumba rumba rumba... ore no nedan wo, dare ga kimeta? tora ga hyou ga bokura no kokoro ni mo

kemono-tachi ga hisomukoto shiranai kara yatsura,
yasui ne wo tsukeyagatte, tokihanatsu ze!

The audience clapping frantically, some of them whistling, but it seems that there are more of them who shout boo at our sensei. Itoshiki Nozomu still coming down and.. oh no, what happen? it looks like there is a technical problem, the rope is too tight.. oh my god, he's suffocating.. stage team, stage team, please make it fast, or.. wait, someone from the special audience seat.. oh, it's Golgo-san. what do he want to do, looks like he's taking something from under the chair, whoa whoa.. what's that? now we see Golgo-san is trying to snipe mr. Itoshiki.. this is so bizarre, don't you think so? headshot-ing a hanged man, i don't think this scene is good for the mental health of the reader of this post (hah, like I care, LOL) back to scene, looks like he's adjusting the aim.. and..


Aah, so it is not Itoshiki -sensei that he aim to shot, but it's the rope. Our zetsubou sensei is now falling down with the speed of 5cm/s (zomg! its the speed of a falling sakura petal LOL) and.. BAM! ouch, that must be hurt, sensei, daijobu?


audience: "....."

narrator: Eh? why is there no reaction from the audience? oh, it seems that most of them didn't understand what Itoshiki-sensei said. Hurry, translator-san, sub what Itoshiki-sensei said.

*T/L note: it means "what if I died?"*

audience: "hahahahahahahahaha..." (laughing like in those sitcom TV show)

audience: *clapping hand*

Ah, yokatta, it seems there's no serious accident. Once again, lets give a big applause for Itoshiki Nozomu-san.... And Tsunetsuki-san who suddenly appears out of nowhere. Wow, how come I didn't see her in the first place?

audience: *clapping hand*

Nozomu: Eh? Tsunetsuki-san, you're already here?"
Matoi: "eh. zutto."

narrator: hahaha, isn't stalker awesome? let's give an applause again for Tsunetsuki-san!

audience: *clapping hand* (again)

Nozomu: ZETSUBOUSHITAA! all of this pre-aaranged show has left me in despair!
Nozomu: this is hopeless! the showbiz that turns everything into bussiness has left me in despair!

Nozomu: this is hopeless! being a host in this minor almost deserted blog has left me in despair!

audience: (laughing like in those sitcom TV show, again)

narrator: Uh, I don't think the last part were in the script, though. Anyway, we know that some of the reader probably demand some moe to accompany this show. And this won't be an otaku-anime-blog special post if there were no bishoujo in it, deshou? so let's give a warm welcome to the... ZETSUBOU SHOUJOTACHII!!!!!

audience: *clapping hand madly*

Entering the room, Kafuka Fuura, followed by the other zetsubou girls

Kafuka: don't worry, minna-san, your life isn't very depressing, because there will be more depressing things ahead, global recession is just the beginning, global warming will get worse and in the end every land in this planet will be sinked down. But its not despairing, this is a new hope for a beginning of the new ero, I mean, era. Sou, the space opera era!

*audience somehow becomes positively(?) motivated*

audience: Kafuka-san is right!
audience: I'll be piloting mecha!
audience: I'll become Amurooo!
audience: I'm the hero of jastisss!!11oneone

Nozomu: rather than positive, I think they're all hallucinating..

Following Kafuka, there was Chiri

audience (chiri fanboys to be exact): Chiri-chaaaan
audience: Chiri-chaaaan, marry me!!

Chiri: 3D can't marry 2D. How about kill yourself and pray that you'll be reincarnated as 2D character? aah, iraira suru, iraira suru.

And then Sekiutsu Maria Tarou, she's as hyperactive as always.

Maria: in my country, we don't have tv but there are lot of tv reporter who filmed us. Maria likes it. We can't watch tv but we are ON tv. Even Maria's friend who dying because of starvation feels like celebs.

audience: (laugh) more Maria-chan, more!!

Maria: emo kids are kind and social people, they don't want to hurt other so they hurt themselves, eventhough they listen to meaningless song but they cry to it cause they appreciate the hard work of the artist who spend their their time to write such a useless song.

audience: (laugh)

Following Maria, there was Meru-chan, static as usual. Oh, but wait, there is something. Ah, sorry, my phone.

*opening message box*

[from: merumeru@xxsomething.jp]
[subject: u suck]
[changing color theme because rejected by a girl? lame. writing a post because
don't have anything to do at new year eve? fail. go kill urself]

WTF? It seems that Meru-chan greets her fans in her very way. We can now see lots of handphone buzzing and ringing. People were reading Meru-chan's email.

audience (Meru-chan fanboys to be exact): Meru-chan is awesome
audience: verbally abuse us more!!
audience: doesu mukuchi pettanko loli FTW!

After Meru-chan, Abushi Kobiru walks to the stage. Now its the byoujaku moe fanboys who becomes tranced. Abushi-chan tears off her bandage and throw it to the audience. The audience was fighting each other for the bandage. It seems that the bandage is like a sacred holy artifact for them. It's a totally brutal scene. Security, please do something.

After Abushi-chan's fanboys calm down. The next girl entering is Harumi Fujiyoshi. Horde of fanboys were spreading a big banner with "fujoshi wa OK, tadashi bijin ni kagiru" text on it. Yes, its the popular "any kind of girl is fine, but it has to be pretty" phrase. We have entered a new era where yandere and tsundere are worshipped. A new decadence avant garde generation where visual takes over everything. Feeling and kindness were old stuff and considered outdated, bishoujo is everything, 2D or 3D lovers, its all the same.

The last person entering the room is everyone's favorite, the biggest fanservice supplier for this franchise, Kimura Kaere. Audience were frantics like people in a revolution because they know that if Kaere appears that could mean only one, yes, that is:

audience: PANTYSHOT!!1
audience: PANCHIRA!
audience: PANTY PLZ!

and then, as if the gods listened their plead, a divine wind blowing...



and thus, her obligation was done. but it seems that the audience wasn't very satisfied.

audience: ZETSUBOUSHITAAA!! a pantyshot that isn't visible because it happens in a fanfic has left us in despair!!!!

narrator: it seems that all the girls has already here by now. huh? wait, where is komori-chan?
Itoshiki: Komori-san is at her room. Where do you think a hikkikomori spend his/her new year night beside her room?
narrator: ah, of course. How stupid I am. But what about Nami-chan?
Kafuka: Nami-chan is already here, she's on the audience seat right there (pointing)
Chiri: It's because normal people can't become a host, right?
Kafuka: sou sou.
Nami (from her seat): Futsuu tte iu na!!

suddenly one of the audience shouted;
audience: "where is Chie-sensei???"
audience: "that's right, we want Chie-sensei!"
and then the audience starts chanting Chie-sensei! Chie-sensei!! like a group of demonstran in television.

Nozomu: this is bad..
narrator: everyone, please calm down. I'll try to contact the person who write this blog. Oh, sorry, my phone is ringing. ... Hello? .. yes, ..hm?? Alright, I see. Yes, thank you very much,

Nozomu: who's that?
narrator: holy shitt!! the writer of this blog already know what's going on and he called me just now.
Nozomu: ..yea, right.

narrator: anyway, here's what the writer said. I'm sorry I can't bring Chie-sensei here because she's too hot to handle (pun intended), let's just pray that there is a good doujin of her at C75 batch.
ps: and don't beg me to write Jun or Kino Kuniya either. Those fujoshis are way better than me for handling male character.

audience: booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....

narrator: well, you heard the boss. Now, with all the host is being here, we can start the show. Buut... don't you think we're missing something

Nami: usually, in an award show like this, isn't there an opening band or something like that?

Nozomu: that's right. as expected from a normal person like Nami-san. But, isn't this a somewhat quite an abnormal blog?
Nami: futsuu tte iu naaa!
narrator: yes that's right. while it's true that this blog is written by an abnormal person, but he decided to follow an ordinary rundown like what's an award show supposed to be. Now, can you guess who's going to play as the opening performance?

*there is a bustling in audience crowd.

Nozomu opening the envelope.

Nozomu: Let's see.. here's the clue that the writer has sent me. First, the person is a singer and moe.

suddenly, there was a scream from the west crowd
oh mai god! then its got to be Ranka Lee!
Ranka-chan daa!!
woot! Rankaa!!

no way, man! if its a singer, then it must be Sheryl
Yea, right! Sheryl FTW

Sheryl sucks! everyone know her seiyuu can not sing
Sheryl is not moe. Ranka IS moe.
shut up you pedo!
you shut up! or I deculturized you!
O yea? how bout you decultblahblahblah urself in hell?

Nozomu: calm down, everyone. Its no use fighting for something that isn't known. Here's the next clue, this person is famous and has alot of fans.

now, the south crowd is exploding

No, you stupidmoron, zange-chan sucks at singing.
But.. alot of fans?
Its got to be Nagi-sama then!!
Yea, that's right!! I heard that this blog owner first cynically make a post about kannagi but then he starts to enjoy the show.
I heard that this blog owner wears, you know, it's a SONY!
No way, Zange-chan got a lot of fans more than Nagi.
Zange is only popular in the anime. Nagi-sama is more popular in the wired. And don't say our Nagi without -sama you infidel

Nozomu: ok, everyone, please settle down. This is the third and the final clue; this person is also a vocalist and plays guitar.

There's no way she's not Suzumiya Haruhi.
I heard that Suzumiya Haruhi is the one who saved this blog owner when he tried to commit a suicide "three years ago".

Nozomu: "let's stop making mindless statement and because it seems that none were guessing right, let's the person appear and so, please give a big welcome applause for the band....

dum dum jrreeng... dum dum jrreeng... dum dum jrreeng... dum dum jrreeng...

OH SHI--- This melody....




and suddenly, the whole audience were frozen.

Krauzer II: ********** *** ************ *** ****** ***** ** ***** ******** and##*@^@and$(#*#($(#$!

Nozomu: my god, his speech is very vulgar that all of the word were censored automatically.

Krauzer II: *** **** **** ******* ***** MOE(RU) IN HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and with that Krauzer the 2nd dissappear in to the darkness

narrator: ok, that was Krauzer II with killerslutpenetratedbymadmonsterdeathpenis, awesome isn't it? Saa, now that we're getting heated with the hellfire, let's continue the show. Itoshiki sensei?

Nozomu: ah, yes. Let's begin from the "show" category. Actually the format is supposed to be a winner and a runner up from each sub category, picked from five nominee. But due to two of the judges knew that this category will be veryvery subjectively selfishly judged they decided that it would be useless to help selecting the nomination.

narrator: FYI, for this year's award, Tabikarasu has invite two people as the judge, they are N-san and scr-san (from lolfactor) and there will be three category; show, character and music. Each of them has its own sub category with "show" is the only one that doesn't have nomination for half of its award (and by now you must be confused trying to figure out what I'm trying to say)

narrator: From the category "show", the best action anime of the year award, please welcome, Kafuka and Sekiutsu-san

audience: (clapping hands)

Maria: Maria loves action. It good for the health. Too bad lot of people don't do sports today.
Kafuka: I think so too. But people like that will eventually use their money to pay doctor and buy medicine in the end so it's fair.
Maria: yeah. (opening the envelope)

Kafuka and Maria: and best action anime of the year goes to...

WINNER: Bounen no Xam'd
RUNNER UP: Nabari no Ou

Maria: ah, there is a small note here.
Kafuka: that's right. last year, the writer stated a reason for each winner but since he can't do the same thing here now, he decided to just write it down.
Kafuka: it says.. I'm sorry I'm not a fans of action anime so those two are all that I could think. orz

Maria: this person didn't like to watch action, so does mean that this person didn't like to do sports too?
Kafuka: hm, that's right but I don't think liking action have anything to do with doing sports though.

narrator: Next, for the best drama anime of the year, please welcome, Kobiru Abushi and Harumi Fujiyoshi

audience: (clapping hands)

Harumi: Drama! Drama! Ah, a fangirls' live is gotta be full of drama
Abushi: even getting a scar from pulling a cat's tail can be considering a drama
Harumi: that's right! drama is what makes life interesting. without drama, there will be no heaven or hell! (opening the envelope)

Harumi and Abushi: and best drama anime of the year goes to...

WINNER: Natsume Yuujinchou
RUNNER UP: Ef - A Tale of Melodies

Abushi: and as for the reason..
Harumi: it says that Natsume is full of heartbreaking scenes and as for Ef, I agree with someone's saying that its like a masturbation art of an ISI college student.
Abushi: hey, the word isn't censored?
Harumi: 'course not. Masturbation isn't a vulgar word. If you enter architecture field of study, they will teach you that one of the difference between art and architecture is that you can't masturbate to your work if you're an architect. Oh and we fujoshis are used to vulgar things afterall.
Abushi: I see.

narrator: next, for the best comedy anime of the year, please welcome, Kitsu Chiri and Kimura Kaere

audience: (clapping hands)

Chiri: I don't get pantyshot fanservice, I mean, panty is actually just like a lower part of bikini, right? so it's either show it all no pantsu or don't show any, aah, iraira suru, iraira suru
Kaere: (opening the envelope)

Chiri and Kaere: and best comedy anime of the year goes to...

WINNER: Code Geass R2
RUNNER-UP: Detroit Metal City

Kaere: as for the reason..
Chiri: it says here that Geass R2 is what a comedy anime supposed to be. Its full of lol from the first episode until the end of series. Its full of fail that its becomes so win. And I believe that if I didn't watched geass and I give it an estafet try, the next day I'm sure I'll be hospitalized because of overlaughing. As for DMC, I don't think it needs an explanation.

Chiri: but back to pantsu, why does fanservice has to be connotated with funny? I mean, ecchiness is supposed to make you horny and not laughing, right? also, if characters don't wear skirt like in Strike Witches pantyshot shouldn't be considered as fanservice right? also..

Kaere: if you don't shut up, I'll sue you!

narrator: next, we have award for best suspense anime of the year, please welcome, Tsunetsuki Matoi and Otonashi Meru!

audience: (clapping hands)

Matoi: if you like suspense, you should try become a stalker, you know? the life of stalker is full of suspense. What if that person see me? what if I caught? oh, falling in love is such a thrill. The joy.. huh? sorry, my phone..
[opening e-mail]
I don't see the relation between stalking and love. Stalker is just a big idiot trouble maker
Matoi:  .... why you, chibi.. (another mail coming)
[opening e-mail]
Tonikaku, just read the envelope's content, dumbass
Matoi: grr, wait after this show's over.. ah, anyway, the best suspense anime of the year goes to...

WINNER: Mouryou no Hako
RUNNER-UP: Ghost Hound

Matoi: and for the reason why, it says here that Mouryou is full of shit like literature and psychological awesomeness that makes the people who watched it looks awesome too (please don't believe this). And I watched Ghost Hound because no one watched Ghost Hound and that will makes you, like, a totally nonmainstream anime watcher and oh-so-different than the rest of teh world (please don't believe this too).

Matoi: seeing this note, my intuition tells me that the person who wrote it is, like, an emo guy and he must be a stalker too. Or at least an ex-stalker.

(suddenly there is a thunder coming from above straight into the room)

Matoi: whoops, looks like I'm talking too much.

narrator: next, we have an award for the best fantasy anime of the year, please welcome, Harumi Fujiyoshi and Kimura Kaere!!

audience: (clapping hands)

Kaere: if we're talking about fantasy, then the closest image usually comes to mind is medieval, right?
Harumi: tck tck tck, Kaere-san, your normalness is almost like Nami-san's. If we're talking about fantasy then its gotta be BOYS LOVE!
Kaere: uwah, you don't have to say it with a caps lock turned on.
Harumi: well, that's because fantasy is one of fujoshi's pride. For example, (pointing) your pantyshot!
Kaere: again?
Harumi: according to some research, boys' still need visual stimulation more than girls. That's why novels are more popular to girls than boys. That's why there number of female fanfic writer is bigger than male writer. That's why we can make any BL pairing eventhough it isn't there in the canon.
Kaere: and what it has to do with my panty?
Harumi: you still don't get it? sensei, come here.
Nozomu: yes?
Harumi: let me show you just how strong a fangirls fantasy could be. Sensei, right now I can see your xxx
Nozomu: eeeek!!!
Harumi: fufufu. how's that?
Kaere: su- sugoi...
Nozomu: won't you please stop doing weird thing and just read the winner already??

Harumi and Kaere: and the best fantasy anime of the year goes to...

WINNER: Ookami to Koushinryou
RUNNER-UP: Shugo Chara!/Shugo Chara Doki !!

Harumi: and here's the reason.. actually, I don't even know the meaning of this category. It's just there last year and at first I want to erased it but then I realized, if I erased it then Shugo Chara won't win any award at all. You know, I love shugo chara so much, and I, I want it to win no matter what, so..

Kaere: what the hell?

narrator: next, we have the most different award for this category, the best thought provoking anime of the year, please welcome, Kafuka Fuura and Kitsu Chiri!!

audience: (clapping hands)

Kafuka: thought provoking award.. I think its only exist in this blog
Chiri: yeah, its because the owner of this blog thinks everything way too complicated.
Kafuka: what about you, Chiri-chan? what's your definition of thought provoking?
Chiri: hm, I guess it has to do with everything that isn't EXACTLY even.
Kafuka: that's Chiri-chan for you (opening the envelpoe)

Kafuka and Chiri:  and the best thought provoking anime of the year goes to...

WINNER: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi
RUNNER-UP: Eve no Jikan

Chiri: and the reason is..
Kafuka: let's see.. I watched mnemosyne for its emo-guro-ero at first, but when I finally watched the last episode, its like, zomg this show is so very phylosophical and the bla and the bla my brain is melted and et cetera. Eve no Jikan? just read my post in this blog.

narrator: and that conclude half of the award from show category. but don't go anywhere, we have more awards after this performance.

Nozomu: performance?

dum dum jreeng.. dum dum jreeng.. dum dum jreeng.. dum dum jreeng....

audience: oh god..
Nami: is there no other band?

Krauzer II: rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape
f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k
rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape rape
f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k f**k

narrator: okay, that was "I spelled rape as much as fuck" from Krauzer II, now lets continue with the show. And from this point, we have the nomination from each category! ain't that awsoem?? many thanks to N-san and scr-san because without those two, the award will be so boring coz we in Tabikarasu didn't watch all the series.

narrator: and to makes things more heated, we're going to summon random (well, actually it will be not so random) character to read the winner. Let's see.. who should I summon? ok, please welcome Aisaka Taiga and Takasu Ryuuji!!

audience: (clapping hands)

Taiga: why should I go with you and not with
Ryuuji: hey that's my line, you know? I prefer to go with Kushieda

Taiga: the most underrated anime of the year
Ryuuji: and the nomination are..

() Ga-Rei Zero
() Tytania
() Strike Witches
() Kanokon
() Toshokan Senshou

Taiga: hey, lower the michrophone a bit, stupid
Ryuuji: you should grow your height a little, tenori taiga, oh and grow your breast too- OUCH, hey..
Taiga: take that, dog

Taiga and Ryuuji: and the most underrated anime of the year goes to... TORADORA!

Taiga: wha? hey, Ryuuji, its our anime!! wow, good job, inu.
Ryuuji: whoa, yea, not bad, huh?

narrator: I'll read the rest; I'd like to give the second place to Kannagi. I know that I underestimated Toradora without seeing the staff. Of course Kannagi is damn good, and I feel sorry for underestimated it too, even more than Toradora. But Toradora's drama is sharper and being a drama fans I am, I choose Toradora over Kannagi.

narrator: that said, now let's move to the next award. Hm.. let's see, who should I call? please welcome, Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian-san!!

audience: (clapping hands)

Ciel: I don't remember we had to attend this kind of show in my agenda
Sebastian: but of course, though its not a bad idea doing this kind of thing once in a while

Sebastian: the most overrated anime of the year
Ciel: and the nomination are..

() Kurogane no Linebarrel
() Kurenai
() Kyou no 5-2
() Persona ~Trinity Soul~
() Slayers Revolution
() Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo

Ciel and Sebastian: and the most overrated anime of the year goes to.. PERSONA TRINITY SOUL!

narrator: I'll read the rest note; as a persona fanboy, I really really dissapointed with the adaptation. The persona design is off, the battle scene sucks, and the plot is even more sucks. the only thing worth watching is Eiko-nee. As for Kyou no go no ni... UGH!

narrator: moving to the next award, please welcome.. Souichi Negishi and the manager of DMC!!

audience: (clapping hands)

Negishi: k-konbanwa, minna-san..
Negishi: m-manager-san..
manager: Hey, Negishi, go read the f**kin' letter, hurry up or I'll f**k you a**
Negishi: p-please don't say rude things like that, a-a.. and for the most memorable indvidual episode of the year, the nomination are..

Ga-Rei Zero eps 01
why: an episode full of lie..

every episode of Code Geass R2
Code Geass R2 eps 25 (final)
why: man, what a final episode..

Aria the Origination eps 13
why: no more Aria for you (finally, lol)

Detroit Metal City eps 06
why: holy shit, tokyo tower is being raped!

Kurogane no Linebarrel eps 01
why: the birth of hero of justice

Tales of The Abyss eps 08
why: kick while he's down (sakke, nggantung wae, mas)

Strike Witches eps 09
why: lili marleene jap version

Negishi: and the most memorable indvidual episode of the year goes to... CODE GEASS R2 FINAL EPS!

narrator: I'll read the rest, again. Who can't say that the final eps of Geass isn't memorable? the content AND the file itself IS memorable. After a week of waiting, wake up very early, fighting the sleep and hunger, went to the netcafe to download. And its all for the sake of the ending of this epical show. I give the second place to DMC's live at Tokyo Tower because of that "uwooh, Tokyo Tower had a big orgasm" line that makes my stomach hurt like hell from laughing.

narrator: and now, we're moving to the next award, and also the last award for this category, let's welcome.. Mikuriya Jin and.... Daitetsu-kun!!

audience: (clapping hands) + fangirls screaming frantically.

Daitetsu: J-jin, I think you should stay away from that girl
Mikuriya: no, you've got it all wrong, I.. HEY. don't make me say weird lines!!

narrator: lol, sorry, that one was from the writer. Apparently, not like HaruhiXKyon or HoroXLawrence, he thinks that you still don't have what it takes to be a pair of a godly tsundere.

Mikuriya: erh, whatever. now for the most popular line of the year..
Daitetsu: the nomination are..

() "world, obey me"[Lelouch; Geass R2]
() "It's a SONY" [Akiba-kun; Kannagi]
() "I'm the hero of justice" [protagonist; Kurogane]
() "rape x11" [Krauzer II; DMC]

Mikuriya and Daitetsu: and the most popular line of the year goes to... "IT'S A SONY"

Mikuriya: what the?
Daitetsu: sasuga Akiba-kun..

narrator: "the additional note says; its true that Lelouch propaganda had an awesome impact, but its still not as popular and as impactful as Akiba-kun's. Believe it or not, some people even get their morale boosted because their underwear... is a SONY. Truly a magnificent, powerful way. Suddenly pizza hot looks so lame compared with this one. First place for Akiba, second for Lelouch.

narrator: and that concludes all the award for the show category, now we're moving on to the character category. The first is lead male character of the year. Please give a warm welcome to this two beautiful ladies, Yakushiji Ryoko and Ichihara Yuuko

audience: (clapping hands) + lots of doemu fanboys screaming histerically

Yuuko: good evening.
Ryoko: it seems that there are not much lead male character worth enough to be nominated, again, this year. Why does anime is full of weak male characters? (laugh)
Yuuko: anyway, the nomination are..

() Lelouch Lamperouge [Code Geass R2]
() Souichi Negishi [Detroit Metal City]
() protagonist [Kurogane no Linebarrel]
() Itoshiki Nozomu [Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei]
() Ayasaki Hayate [Hayate no Gotoku]
() Kogarashi [Kamen no Maid Guy]
() Haru Masamichi [Real Drive]
() Black Star [Soul Eater]

Yuuko and Ryoko: and the lead male character of the year goes to... LELOUCH LAMPEROUGE from Code Geass R2!

Ryoko: Mr. Lelouch, please come to the front.. Mr.Lelouch.. ah, I forget. He's supposed to be dead, isn't he?
Yuuko: (laugh) do you think so?
Ryoko: Not really, maybe this is all just part of Sunrise plan to make the ending debatable while analyzing whether its worth to make an movie/OVA or not. But anyway, who should we give this trophy to?
Yuuko: don't ask me, but how about drop it to the nearest pizza hut around here?

narrator: as you may already know, the owner of this blog has an obsession with the power of geass, hence the winner. And now for the lead female character of the year, please welcome, Edgar J.C Ashenbert and Ichimokuren!

Edgar: girls.. are beautiful creatures, aren't they?
Ichimokuren: indeed, but after working for centuries with oujo, they could also means trouble and bring misfortune.
Edgar: however, we'd still fall for them in the end, didn't we? and this time, we'll mention the candidates.. owowowow.. it seems that the list is quite long
Ichimokuren: its because every judge insist to push their favorite character into the nomination
Edgar: ..and the nomination are..

() Tenkou Kuugen (female) [Wagaya no Oinari-sama]
() Nakiami [Bounen no Xam'd]
() Kyouka-sama [Kyouran Kazoku Nikki]
() Lydia [Hakushaku to Yousei]
() Minamo Aoi [Real drive]
() Nagi-sama [Kannagi]
() Mizusawa Mao [Kimikiss Pure Rouge]
() Sakamoto Mio [Strike Witches]
() Holon [Real Drive]
() Michiko Malandro [Michiko to Hatchin]
() Yakushiji Ryoko [Yakushiji Ryoko]
() Kanako [Mouryou no Hako]
() Maka Alba [Soul Eater]
() Kenrou Horo [Ookami to Kyoushinryou]

Edgar and Ichimokuren: and the lead female character of the year goes to... KENROU HORO from Ookami to Kyoushinryou!

Edgar: miss Horo, please come to the front..

Horo: (howling) washi no kachi ya~! now I'm going to buy lots of apples so much that your cart will break from overload. Oh and I'd like to say thanks to.. (let's just skip this part because I don't want to make a mistype and write something that makes fellow Horo fans angry)

narrator: well, now you know that this blog owner actually has a taste for furry (a lightning comes from above) ah, I mean, Horo is such a good example of how tsundere supposed to be. Not because Artland sucks at visualizing her deredere scene, but from the writer's prespective, a girl had the right to hold her pride as a tsundere only if she has what it takes to be a tsundere, such as skill (Tohsaka Rin), wealth (Sawachika Eri), will (Suzumiya Haruhi) and wisdom (Kenrou Horo). Thus said, I'd say that Nagi-sama, Taiga and Louise is still a mediocre tsundere. Such is my view about tsundereism.

narrator: saa, let's head up to the next character award; best pairing of the year, and please welcome.. Haru Masamichi and Hinamori Amu!!

audience: wtf?

narrator: whoa, what a totally random pairing.. you wa shock?? yes, actually I'm shocked too. I know that for this season, the concept is supposed to be two character from different anime but how come..

Amu-chan: actually, this award is supposed to be best couple, but the word couple has a negative connotation and the writer didn't like those word at all, so he decided to change it into pairing

Haru-san: ..and the nomitation are..

() Kuro X Kuromitsu [Kurozuka]
() Lelouch X Suzaku [Code Geass R2]
() Lelouch X C.C [Code Geass R2]
() Schneizel X Kanon [Code Geass R2]
() Xing Ke X Tian Zi [Code Geass R2]
() Kagura X Yomi [Ga-Rei zero]
() Ryoko X her slave [Yakushiji Ryoko]
() Ciel X Sebastian [Kuroshitsuji]
() Sae X Hiro [Hidamari Sketch x365]
() Mikuriya X Daitetsu [Kannagi]
() Ranka X Alto X Sheryl [Macross Frontier]
() Horo X Lawrence [Spice and Wolf]
() Ikuto X Utau [Shugo Chara]
() Kairi X his onee-san [Shugo Chara]
() Wilcke X Sakamoto [Strike Witches]
() Haru X Minamo [Real Drive]
() Holon X Souta [Real Drive]

Amu-chan: as an additional note, frontier ending was too stupid that the judges can't decided who should Alto paired with

Amu and Haru-san: and the best pairing of the year goes to... LAWRENCE X HORO from Ookami to Kyoushinryou!

narrator: and because the writer is too lazy to write Horo and Lawrence's speech, so lets skip the part again, now for the reason, the note says please read my review on Ookami to Koushinryou in this blog. it's all there. kthx

narrator: now we're moving to the next award, the award that is the most favorite for some person. eve the judges were brainstorming when nominating the candidates. yes, the best villain of the year award, and please welcome, our special guest, Enma Ai and Kyougokudo

audience: (clapping hands)

Ai: what exactly define a person as villain?
Kyougokudo: perhaps, every person is a villain in another person's life
Ai: and this year's nomination for best villain character are..

() Isayama Yomi [Ga-Rei Zero]
() Chronos [Soul Eater]
() Lelouch [Code Geass R2]
() Krauzer II [DMC]
() Pinocchio [Gunslinger Girl: II Teatrino]
() Ali Al Saachez [Gundam 00]
() Apos [Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi]

Ai and Kyougokudo: and the best villain character of the year goes to.. APOS from Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi!

narrator: apparently, Mr. Apos can't be here because he's still trapped in a some kind of holyshit-its-a multicomplex-system--full-of-simbolism. And for this award's reason; I know that Yomi is a respectable villain character, if only mnemosyne was a show for last year, I'd pick her because Geass and DMC are comedy and I never intended to give the award for villain from a comedy, no matter how evil the are, lol.

narrator: and we still have three more award from the character category. wow, that's quite a lot. the writer of this blog really had nothing to do, doesn't he? anyway, the next award goes for the best supporting character of the year, please welcome, botan and the pig of capitalism!

narrator: whoah, what a combination. now we can't differ which one is the pig and which one is human
audience: (laugh)

botan: puhi!!
the pig of capitalism (PoC): mmfff.. fh..
botan: puhi puhi, puhii puhi puhiii...
PoC: hmmpfh... phhft..

narrator: it seems that both can't speak in human language, the writer must be in the edge of snapped that he made this kind of scenarion. So I guess I have to take over, and the nomination are...

() Sherley Venette [Geass R2]
() Kemeko [Kemeko DX]
() Minorin [Toradora]
() Yusuke-san [Clannad]
() Fujisaki Kyou [Clannad]
() Pig of Capitalism [DMC]
() Chou Kamen [Koihime Musou]
() MISAKA [To Aru Majutsu no INDEX]
() Meirin [Kuroshitsuji]
() Elizabeth-chama [Kuroshitsuji]
() Kyougokudo [Muryou no Hako]
() Mubyou-chan [Wagaya]
() Ikkyu-san [Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei]

narrator:.. and the best supporting chara of the year goes to.... MEIRIN from Kuroshitsuji

narrator: yes, you might be confused why does this blog choose Meirin as the best supporting character of the year. here is the reason; of course Kyou is a super hot tsundere and Elizabeth is truly a gothloli oujo-sama hottie, but their air-time is too few. Also, last year I have already gone through my Kyoumania fever by collecting and reviewing every Kyou doujin I can lay my hand to. The same reason can be said to Harumi Fujiyoshi, but Meirin is different, she appears in each episode, is gunny, and has a sexy voice.

tl;dr: fujoshi with big breast = win

narrator: yes, that was another wtf rambling from the writer, and now we're entering the next award, the most emo character of the year! What an award, huh? and we can see the writer start having vertigo because his character stock to read the nomination is gradually decreasing. that's what you get from watching too few anime. See? watching too few anime is not good. So, who are you going to summon, writer-san? don't tell me, you're going to use zetsubou shoujotachi again? have you decide? okay, looks like he's already decided. so let's welcome... Eru and Hatsune Miku!

Eru: whoa, I thought that the writer is going to pick Lulu or Rima, you know his fetish for "that" kind of oujo-sama.
narrator: yes, but he decided to call the shugo chara, not the owner and he feels that the best jibun no naritai so far in SC is you.
Miku: wa-ta-shi wa ha-tsu-ne mi-ku de-s(u)
narrator: uh, okay.

Eru: the most emo character of the year,
Miku: an-do ze- no-mi-na-shi-on a-

Itoshiki Nozomu [Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei]
All the male cast in [ef]
Chika [Kyouran Kazoku Nikki]
Lelouch [Geass R2]
Orpheus [Saint seiya Hades Elysion]
Hiiragi [Natsume Yuujinchou]
Nishijou Takumi [Chaos HEAd]
Chronos [Soul Eater]
Hero of justice [Kurogane] (lol I forgot his name)
Casshern [Casshern SINS]
Kira Banshou [Nabari no Ou]
Ogami Makoto [Ghost Hound]
Klan Klein [Macross Frontier]
Kanzato Shin [Persona Trinity Soul]

Eru: and the most emo character of the year goes to.... ORPHEUS from saint Seiya Hades Elysion

narrator: too bad, Orpheus is dead, lol. here, the writer explain that not only Orpheus was my fave character from Greek myths (good job for making him Minato's persona, Atlus), I'm surprised that there's an Orpheus too in Saint Seiya, a show that (sorry) I watch in the same lol-meter as Geass. And what's more, they make Orpheus even more emo that I expected. double lol. srsly people, try watch his episode, there are two episode and they're all using his name for those two eps. Need more emo-ness? how about "zomg i'm a sinner eventhough i'm an athena's saint" or "look, I can grow flower in hell" and of course, the most powerful line "I CAN STILL PLAY WITH MY G-STRING!!!"

narrator: ok, lets move into the next award, the best cameo of the year. and lets welcome, the most annoying but awesome character from two most favorite telenove.. I mean, drama anime, Suichi Kuze and Lydia Carlton

Kuze: HOLY SHIT I'M STILL ALIVE! my live is like a metronome and I live in a room with lotsa persona lighten by a rainbow shining thrugh a caleidoscope.. etc.
Lydia: let's just be friend, OK?

Kuze and Lydia: and nomination for the best cameo of the year are..

() Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid) [Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei]
() Lucky Star cast (Lucky Star) [Kannagi]
() Cheese-kun (Pizza Hut) [Code Geass R2]
() Lynn Minmei (Macross) [Macross Frontier]
() Akihiko-senpai (Persona 3) [Persona Trinity Soul]
() MAEDAX [Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei]
() Sanzenin Nagi (Hayate no Gotoku) [Zettai Karen Children]

Lydia: you don't understand my feeling at all~!!
Kuze: why? why did you come? why are you smiling? ..etc
Lydia: and the best cameo of the year goes to.. MAEDAX from Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

narrator: congratulation to MAEDAX-san,... whoever you are. anyway, the note says; man, this guy is really something. I mean, I already forgot how C.C's favorite teddy bear (cheese-kun) looks by now but somehow, those mr.baldy's face from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei can't get off outta my head. and not only that, if you listen to Zoku OST's secret track, you can hear this person's hidden message that's also will make you goes wtf.

narrator: yes, I can understand about that. He even appear more than Itoshiki Rin-sama. eww. And that award conclude all the award from the character category.. wait, what? there's still one? oh, it seems that the writer decided to put this one award into the character category since the special award catogery is canceled due to lack of nomination, so please welcome, the writer's favorite couple from anime that you might not recognized at all, Hazuki and Shou

Hazuki: I think the most powerful weapon is called separation
Shou: I think the most destructive weapon is called love

Hazuki and Shou: and the nomination for the best weapon of the year are..

() Geass [Code Geass R2]
() Kemeko [Kemeko DX]
() Setrika Penghancur Zombie [Ga-Rei Zero] (emang ada tho?)
() Kotomi's Violin [Clannad]
() Emperor's Guitar [DMC]
() Nagi-sama's magic staff [Kannagi]
() Handsome Mode [Magical Lolikko Cutie - Kannagi]
() Furukawa Bread [Clannad]

Hazuki: let's go home.
Hazuki: we can't go anywhere
(and with "Wakare no Kioku" misteryously played from somewhere, those two dissapeared from stage)

narrator: and the best weapon of this year, of course, goes to.. GEASS from Code Geass R2... wait, isn't it too obvious? what's this award for then? hm? what? furukawa bread is quite a weapon too actually but, what? oh, you wanna say it yourself? okay..

(voice from above): but NOTHING BEAT THE AWSOEMNESS OF GEASS!!!

narrator: (face palm) viewer, please don't waste your energy to face palm at those sentence above, now please welcome.. oh, it looks like the writer has decided to summon someone from the gamesphere not anime, and knowing that this blog owner didn't play game much, there can be only one, yes, that person, so please welc-

(minato arisato appears)

narrator: see? wait, aren't you supposed to be a martyr and trapped eternally to become a lock etc whatever thing that the game maker planned to make Persona 3 becomes as emo as possible?
Minato: ....
narrator: by the way, I heard (stupid) rumors that in P5 you have to write LOLDEEP in your forehead then jump from the building roof to summon persona?
Minato: ....
narrator: whoah, he doesn't say a word, as expected from a main character from persona series!! uh, but I think you have to read the nomination by now..
Minato: the best opening song of the year, the nomination are..

() Ouchi ga Ichiban [Chii's Sweet Home OP] holy shit now I know the exact title
() Lion [Macross Frontier OP2]
() Ebullient Future [EF]
() Motto Hade ni ne [Kannagi]
() Beautiful Fighter [Shikabane Hime AKA]
() Kusou Rumba [Zoku SZN]
() O2 [Geass R2 OP1]
() Poltergeist [Ghost Hound]
() Sekirei OP
() Fly Away [Mahou Tsukai Natsu no Sora]
() Tabi no Tochuu [Spice and Wolf]
() Gunslinger Girl II Il Teatrino OP

(voice): and the nomination for the best ending song are..

() Sayonara no omajinai [Allison to Lilia]
() Hikari [Nabari no Ou ED1]
() Natsu Yuuzora [Natsume Yuujinchou]
() La Vie en Rose [Yakushiji Ryoko]
() Unnamed World [Nijuumensou]
() Negaiboshi [Kimikiss ED 1]
() Alive [Kuroshitsuji]
() Songe d'une nuit d'ete [Yakushiji Ryoko]
() Suna no Oshiro [Vampire Knight Guilty]
() Kawaita Hana [Mahou Tsukai Natsu no Sora]
() Katahiza no Yogore [Real Drive]
() Del Regno [Saint Seiya Hades Elysion]
() doll [Gunslinger Girl II]

narrator: what the? whose voice is that?
minato: ..my persona
narrator: ah, of course, but mister multiple persona user, who did you bring as your persona right now? orpheus? romeo? anykindofcharacterwhoendedupdietragically?
minato: it's gerard way
narrator:........... make sense, though

narrator: oh, we still haven't read the winner yet, and because the nomination for the ending song is already read (is it possibly the writer's way to cut the scenarion because he's already bored and need to sleep?) we can announce the winner from both category, the best opening song of the year goes to... TABI NO TOCHUU from Ookami to Koushinryou.

narrator: and the best ending song of the year goes to... NATSU YUUZORA from Natsume Yuujinchou. now fpor the reason. hm, actually this one is easy. any song that makes me determinated to search for the lyric, romanize it and translate it right from the scans file directly after I get it, then that song is super awesome. if the song was just awesome-but-not-super-awesome I usually just waiting for it to be translated.

narrator: and now we're moving to the last award of this year, and the writer has planned to end this show with a somewhat-hopefully-will-look-grand way, now please welcome, again, the characters from the most favorite harem animu, Itoshiki-sensei and his merry students, plus the hottest character (in bed), Itoshiki Rin.

audience: (clapping hand)

Nozomu: we will now announcing the nomination for the best clip of the year.
Rin: but speaking about annual award, onii-sama, why does this kind of award only held by the people in entertainment industry?
Nozomu: that's right. tashikani, there are another industry thats giving monthly award like employee of the month but we never heard about employee of the year. there also should be award for any kind of people and other kind of job. why do we never heard about the best troll? of the best lurker? the best irc bot of the year? the best hikkikomori? or how about the best corruptor of the year? the best dismemberment criminal? or the best suicide case of the year?
Nozomu: zetsuboushitaaaa! the award that belongs only to certain group has left me in despair.
Rin: onii-sama, I don't think its best to continue this joke any further

Kafuka: but speaking about new year again, there is another custom that people always do, right?
Nami: if you think about new year, then its got to be making new year resolution
Kafuka: sasuga Nami-chan, you thinks just like what a normal people do
Nami: futsuu tte iu na~
Nozomu: normal tte.. are you trying to say that PEOPLE WHO DOESN'T HAVE A NEW YEAR RESOLUTION IS ABNORMAL??

Nozomu: by the way, how come Hito-san can come on stage now?
Kafuka: it is because this is the last part of the show. when the last time has decided, every single human are the same.
Nozomu: actually that's supposed to be the theme for the next post in this blog but, I guess this is how the writer give a teaser.
Chiri: so, sensei, do you already had a resolution for the next year?
Nozomu: well, that's..
Chiri: huh?

Nozomu: actually, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS NEW YEAR RESOLUTION. everyone who make a resolution will eventually forget about it even before August come. New year is just a change from december to january. even the seasons still hasn't change, snow still falls and tropical country still on its rainy season. if you want to light a fireworks you don't have to wait till december 31st.

Nozomu: zetsuboushitaaaaa... the annual obligation that turns out to be forgotten has left me in despair!

Chiri: -__-!!!!
Nozomu: actually, its not just for the NEW year, yes, in this world, there are a lot of NEWness that actually won't bring any better than the old (sound effect: *zing zing zing*)
- buy a new hardisk but it quickly becomes full of useless and unorganized file
- changing new phone number to avoid call from ex-boyfriend
- new people in legislative assembly but no changing in this country economic growth
- upgrading software to the new version but never use its new feature
- getting proud from changing 2D fetish to a more hardcore one
- NEWbie
- making new excuse to cover the old excuses
- meeting with new friend in an online game

Nozomu: zetsuboushitaaaaaa new things that doesn't make any different from the old thing has left me in despair!

audience: (laugh)

narrator: well, I suppose seeing those audience laughing is an ironical miserable thing huh? you can laugh too if you want. anyway, this is the nomination for the best clip of the year

Suicide Love Stories [Persona TS ED]
Motto Hade ni ne [Kannagi OP]
Swinging [Druaga no To OP]
Ebullient Future [EF OP]
Kuusou Rumba [Goku SZS]
Discoteque [Rosario to Vampire Capu2 OP]
ED Hakushaku to Yosei
Boom Boom Satellite [Xam'd OP]
Beautiful Fighter [Shikabane Hime AKA OP]
Alsatia [Mnemosyne OP]
Lion [Macross F OP 2]
Suna no Oshiro [VK Guilty ED]

Rin: and the best clip of the year goes to....  KUUSOU RUMBA from Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (eps 2)

Rin and all the girls from SZS: Yaaaaaayyyyyyyy~~~!!!!!

Nozomu: zetsuboushitaaaaaaa.. eventhough its win, but seeing a degrading clip becomes a winner has left me in despair

narrator: the note said

benar-benar sampah visual terkeren tahun ini. this kind of thing is what makes me feel proud to be an anime otaku. I'm glad that each year, the anime industry keeps on producing awesome, artsy visual presentation, be it pleasing to the eye of the exact opposite. this is what makes anime stands out, in my preference, than music, dorama, movie manga and games

..but on the other side, after watching this clip, I feel that I should have never watched Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei in the first place. Its like having my virginity raped by the bitter truth of this world's circumstance. No, wait, I watched the anime because I read the manga first, so the right line has got to be I should have never read Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei manga in the first time. Wait, I knew scanlationbecause I got into anime and such, so it's gotta be I should never be an otaku in the first place. Wait wait, I become otaku because I'm still alive, so its gotta be I should never liv..

anyway, let's change the topic, here's the rest of award that didn't make it into the show, mostly due to lack of nomination

ero anime of the year: Renketsu Houshiki eps 1
ost of the year: can't judge because didn't listen to all the ost that has been released (but if I had to choose, its either Yakushiji Ryoko or Ookami to Koushinryou)
most ideal woman : Mizusawa Mao (if there is, somehow, kimikiss on 2009, I believe this award will go to Mao again, LOL)
most wanted character for doujinshi: Nagi (onee-san version)
most wanted adaptation for the next TMA's AV: sayonara zetsubou sensei
most awesome death scene: Morimoto's death [Persona Trinity Soul]
most heart warming scene: miyuki and kuze under the tree [ef a tale of memories]
most arousing scene: miyako's trance (runner up: ikuto's licking amu's ice cream)
best kissing scene: can't find any... and I've just discovered that this year we don't have any good non-magical realism romance story. shit, man

Nozomu: and the final award, the grand prize of this show, the anime of the year award will be announced briefly. But before that, I, represent all the staff in Tabikarasu (aka only the writer) would like to say a happy new year to all the readers out there, may you have a good year ahead, though I'm sure that some depressing things will happen to you (hey, what do you expect from life? a year full of sweetness and harem?), thanks for reading and byebye~

all the zetsubou sensei girls: byebyeeeee~~~~

oh, your phone is ringing

[opening mail]
[from: merumeru@xxsomething.jp]
[subject: (none)]
so long, sucker!


CODE GEASS R2 (of course)

You can say that this year belong to Geass, personally I think so. Though I can't say that Geass has awesome drama or action (it does but it has comedy more than all things combined) but it has the spark that I always seek when watching anime. The same spark that AIR, Hachikuro, Bartender, Noein, Gankutsuou, Bokura ga Ita, Haruhi or RomeoXJuliet has, things that makes me so impatiently, childishly, craving and waiting for the next episode. These days, its getting hard to find show with these kind of spark.


Ada apa di tahun 2009? Nobody knows, yang jelas tahun depan semua orang akan bertambah tua satu tahun, hohohoho.. you'll be growing old and die, minna. Memento mori. Meskipun demikian, tidak ada salahnya kita berharap untuk sesuatu, dalam hal ini anime, yang bisa jadi akan menjadi kenyataan. Afterall, menonton anime tidak ada hubungannya dengan usia, bukan? well, mungkin saja bukan but who care, deshou?

Tabikarasu 2009 WISHLIST


Meskipun kemungkinannya kecil, karena menurut saya Geass itu seperti Petit Cossette, yaitu tipe anime yang hanya ada satu dalam tiap dekade, tapi saya berharap, entah dari studio mana, bakal ada satu show yang penuh dengan stupidity tidak terbatas. Yang benar-benar menghibur dan sangat menghilangkan stress. Sesuatu yang bisa ditonton rame-rame dan SEMUANYA FACE PALM dalam waktu yang bersamaan.


Something like Rozen atau Red Garden, atau Noein, you get the point. Sudah lama saya tidak nonton anime yang karakternya matinya diabsen satu persatu (no, don't say gundam). Jika Mirai Nikki benar-benar keluar, mungkin wish yang satu ini bakal terkabulkan dengan mudah. Atau mungkin DOUBT the animation, anyone?


Hataraki-man atau Bartender, tapi lebih dekat Bartender. Second season nya, mungkin? sesuatu yang dengan terang-terangan mengkritik, tapi tidak melecehkan, cara berpikir saya yang kekanak-kanakan.


Baby Blue nya Genius Party. Atau Kimikiss. Atau Salad Days. Bukan shoujo ala Bokura ga Ita atau semi josei ala Nana atau Parakiss. Juga bukan Hachikuro. Sesuatu yang mampu memaksa saya ganti avatar ym lah pokoknya. Ayolah, masak harus nunggu Makoto Shinkai pulang kampung dulu?