Ok, I really don't have any source left for the cover material (I actually planned Michiko as the covergirl of this month but I can't find a good pic of her). Anyway, last year is the year of rat, right? is that why we ended up having so many furry? if yes, then, using the same rule apllied, then, because this year is the year of ox, we'll sure have alot of....

You know, I actually didn't plan this issue to be this... ecchi, lol. At first I plan to use Haruhi (again) in a god-like pose picture as a symbol of the dawn of a new era but I canceled cause even I will start to feel bored with yet another Suzumiya-sama cover. And that's when the idea of 2009 in chinese year comes to mind X3

Other than that, I'm quite satisfied with this one, I did quite an editing with the source picture (the original had a maid beside her), writing the content title also quite easy (it's all just review of the new series) and the ero corner is all about C75 XD

Btw the price is now Rp 40.000,- LOL (that's because the dvd blank price is increasing now, baawwww)